Every morsel has a story ...

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are comprised of the finest artisan ingredients sourced from exceptional producers who simply ooze their passion. Where possible we aim to keep it local, supporting bespoke Australian businesses and reducing our carbon footprint, whilst also bringing you some of the world’s most incredible produce.

It's Simple Food, Done Well

Pieces, Platters and Platefuls

Our selection of seasonal ingredients and classic favourites are sure to satisfy your tastebuds as well as you soul


The best in world cheese from Pyrenees, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, England, New Zealand and Australia


Dozens of increcible salami, aged prosciutoo, terrines, and pates, Pate en Croute, bundnerfleish and fleischkase

Everything Else

Cornichons, mustards, smoked goods, fresh breads, desserts, hand-crafted chocolates, teas adn darn good coffee

“Life’s too short to drink cheap wine …”

– Cliff Hakim

Our Menus

“Life’s Too Short to eat food that doesn’t taste good”

– Alana Chernila